Every Day Is a Special Day

Last week I was setting the table in preparation for my book club dinner. A spring dining table called for my mother’s silver flatware. She knew how much I loved handling the silver knives and forks as a child so passed them on to me.

I haven’t used them in a while so was struck again by the cartoon message she had tucked away in the corner of the box.silverware cartoon

It reminded me of a blog post I wrote five years ago, Use the Good Dishes. Now, because of a yellowed cartoon I’m adding, use the good flatware too. Every day is a special day. Thanks for the reminder, Mum.

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Asian woman taking self portrait selfie photo on Europe travel.I’m going to come right out and say it: I think selfies are silly. There. I said it out loud.

I feel justified in saying it after Prince Harry told a group of admiring onlookers in Australia “…selfies are bad. Just take a normal photograph.” So, the dashing prince said what a lot of us have always thought.

  • Offer to take a photo for a stranger in front of that famous monument. They’ll likely offer to do the same for you.

  • Many museums and galleries have banned the taking of selfies, especially the use of selfie sticks. Think about it.

  • Distorted selfie faces are an insult to true photography. With that expensive phone or camera don’t you expect a quality photo?

  • Do you really want to appear that self-absorbed?

  • Your friends aren’t anxiously awaiting another fish face of you.

I concede, there may be the odd time when a taking a selfie is justified:

  • You’ve just made it to the North Pole and there isn’t anyone else to take your photograph leaning against the red and white striped pole.

  • You really want a lopsided photo of the Acropolis with your distorted head and massive hands in the foreground.

I could go on with the justification examples, but you get the picture.

I doubt the selfie phase will completely pass but it is diminishing. That’s something to smile about.

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Ten Reasons I Love My Friends

Many of us have a handful of people in our lives who are dear to us. They make us smile, let us cry, and give us a virtual slap when we need it.

Like most of you, mine is comprised of friends and family. Some are miles and oceans away. Here’s why I love them:

  1. They talk rather than text. Real conversations. No embarrassment if it’s been a while.

  2. They appreciate our differences as well as our similarities.

  3. They listen.Best friends - kitten and small fluffy dog looking sideways - co

  4. If they judge me they keep it to themselves.

  5. They seem happy to see or hear from me.

  6. They celebrate my successes.

  7. They grieve with me.

  8. They share. No secret family recipes.

  9. They remember.

  10. They tolerate my character flaws.

I hope I give them some of what they give to me.

I thank them.

Share what friendship means to you.

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Some Things Never Go Out of Style

I was watching my great-nephew play the other weekend. He has a box full of battery operated trucks, a DS, and the latest action figures from which to choose. What was he doing? Building airplanes with these:

Yes, TinkerToy. Remember them? These were his mother’s from when she was a child, way back when. With all the new, exciting things available, some things never go out of style:










What’s on your never go out of style list? Break out your carefully packed away TinkerToy (or equivalent) and tell us what you think.

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It’s More than February Fourteenth

Valentine’s Day is busy with flower deliveries and long line-ups at chocolate shops. Red and white hearts tell us that this is the day of love and romance.

I remember a Lynn Johnston cartoon (For Better or For Worse) of many years ago in which Elly remarks, Some men say it with car maintenance.

Yes, roses and chocolates are lovely. They are the symbols that have been created for us of love and caring. But love and caring are year long. February the fourteenth doesn’t have the monopoly on love and romance. It’s the little things, the things that happen every day, that really have the true meaning. If I had to decide between a box of dark chocolate truffles on February 14th and the following all year, guess which I’d choose?

  • A surprise cup of tea delivered to my desk.

  • Dinner under way when I’m late coming home.

  • An empty dishwasher.IMG_3673_2uca

  • Computer gremlins evicted.

  • The red jujubes set aside.

  • Knowing my vehicle is always ready for the road.

If anyone comes across the For Better or Worse cartoon I mentioned I hope you will share it. It had a powerful message. There are many ways to say I love you. And Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day to say it or show it.

Say and show I love you to someone today, not just February 14th. It doesn’t have to be a spouse or partner. Who is important in your life? Let them know. Any day. Today would be good.

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Walking With Our Sisters

Earlier this month I was in Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories for business. On the flight a gentleman told me about an exhibit that had just opened in Yellowknife for a short period. I made a mental note to try to catch it.

After giving two days of presentations I was tired. It was -35C. The hotel room was warm, had great internet connection and room service. Not a bad way to spend my four free hours.

As warm and cozy as it was in my room I felt compelled to visit the Prince of Wales Heritage Centre. For the past year or so the tragedy of murdered and missing indigenous women has been prominent in our news. Here was an exhibit that pays tribute to these women.

Walking With Our Sisters is a travelling exhibit. It consists of a path of beaded moccasin vamps laid out on the floor. Only the vamps, the tops of the moccasins, are made. These unfinished moccasins represent the unfinished lives of hundreds of murdered and missing indigenous women in Canada and the United States. Each pair of vamps represents one woman. The vamps wound through two rooms. The numbers were shocking.

The beading was beautiful. Each pair unique, just like the women they represent.

Here are a few pictures, taken with permission, from the Walking With Our Sisters poster. No photography is allowed in the exhibit.



I urge you to visit the website and read more. It is sobering. It is reality.

Should we, as a nation, be ashamed?

Should we be outraged?

Can we do anything about it?

At the end of my tour of the vamps I was met by a gracious lady, fully prepared to engage with emotionally impacted visitors. Like the exhibit, she exuded peace and serenity. These women are gone, but not forgotten.

Let us know if you read more about Walking With Our Sisters. We would love to know your thoughts.

For our Ottawa readers, the exhibit will be at Gallery 101, September 25th – October 16th, 2015.IMG_3658uca_2

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Be Nice to the Gym Newbies

This post was triggered by a comment from a toned, five- year- gym -attending friend. A couple of days into January she commented, ”Parking was awful at the gym today and I had to wait for an elliptical. It’s all those New Year resolution newbies. It’ll be back to normal by the second week in February.  They never last long.”

I’ve already talked about gym etiquette, Ten Easy Steps to Become That Annoying Gym Person . This post is about being nice to the gym newbies.  We’re all good at something (yes, we are!) but had to learn and progress. You may be an excellent driver now, but do you remember your first attempt at parallel parking?

I agree, the gym parking lot seems unusually full this time of year. Good for the new people. They’re making an effort. Try to imagine how uncomfortable some of them may feel. It’s like attempting to parallel park for the first time with an audience of professional racing car drivers.

  • If someone seems unsure about gym protocol, ask if they would like some tips. Be friendly.
  • Imagine the gym newbies feelings as they struggle to replace the weights and you casually pick up ones four times heavier. An encouraging smile is quite different from a superior smile. Be nice.
  • The new gym member is wrapped in a bath sheet, trying to figure out how to maneuver into their undies unseen. Having to witness naked hair drying only adds to their discomfort. Keep naked strolls to a minimum. Be respectful.
  • Let the new gym member know that it wasn’t easy for you when you first started working out. Well, was it?  Be encouraging.

I hope the gym parking lots stay full all year. I hope all the gym newbies become confident and comfortable. You can help: Be friendly. Be nice. Be respectful.  Be encouraging.

Kindness – it’s healthy and beautiful.

Ready. Set. Be kind.

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