Host and Guest Survival Strategies Part 2

The goal of hosts should be to enjoy the visit along with their guests. Once again, a little planning and thoughtfulness ensures that your guests feel welcomed and you do not spend their entire visit playing room service.  A few pointers to being a welcoming host:

* Spend a little time prior to the visit preparing food that can be frozen, reheated at the last minute, or simply tossed together.  If you don’t mind sharing your kitchen accept help from your guests.  It will make them feel useful.

*Ensure your children feel special if they are giving up their bedroom for your guests.  They need to understand that temporarily the room is the guest’s private space.

* Fabulous if you have a dedicated guest room.  It’s not the place though to unload your old pillows and bed linens.  If you don’t want to sleep on them why would your guests?  Invest in some new pillows and comfy sheets.  If the room hasn’t been used in a few weeks air it completely so it smells fresh. A bouquet of fresh flowers definitely says “welcome”.

* Have you ever spent a night in your own guest room?  This is how you discover the mattress needs to be turned, the pillows replaced, the blinds fixed, the tree branch tapping the window during the night, or the sticky bureau drawer.

* A supply of magazines, books and a radio or television turns your guest room into a private retreat for your guest.  They may want some time to themselves and allow you your space.  If you are unable to show them the sights of your area then a map and possibly some bus tickets would certainly be appreciated.

* Don’t feel you have to provide 24 hour entertainment.  Guests also have a responsibility to be engaging.

The frustrations of summer visiting can be avoided.  With a little forethought you’ll be remembered as either a gracious guest or a gracious host.

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5 Responses to Host and Guest Survival Strategies Part 2

  1. Angela Sim says:

    Thank you for the nice little reminders! So…let me ask you this…would you go back to someone’s house if they stayed in bed longer than you the first day you visited, did not offer you breakfast, and you had to clean the kitchen before you could make your own breakfast…and yes, it’s happened to me. And the hostess was wondering this past weekend why I have not returned with my family. Should I tell her why??

    • It sounds like this hostess really meant it when she said, “Make yourself at home.” I can understand why you’re not comfortable in returning to her home for another weekend.
      When declining, you’re not obligated to state a reason.
      If she stays with you for a weekend let her see how a gracious host deals with guests.
      I always enjoy your comments Angela. Thanks so much.

  2. karenhickman says:

    Great advice, Suzanne.

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