Tomatoes Can Become Projectiles

At a recent networking event at a well known Ottawa establishment I shared a table with seven delightful businesswomen.  I can’t remember what the main course consisted of; just that it had several very firm cherry tomatoes around the edge of the plate.  Well, more walnut sized than cherry. Very lovely to look at.

Haven’t we all experienced tomatoes like these?  So firm that your knife skitters off onto the table, taking with it part of your chicken.  Or, as I’ve found out in the past, cherry tomatoes can become projectiles. One well-aimed cut and they can squirt themselves across the table.  Duck, incoming!

I didn’t eat my walnut tomatoes out of fear of sending them into the wine glass of the diner across the table.  Looking around my table, no one else ate theirs either.  Too potentially messy, too dangerous, too embarrassing. It appeared we’d all been a victim of the whole tomato at some time.

Yes chefs, presentation is important, yes it makes us appreciate your food even more, but please make it easy for us to eat.

I wonder if they questioned why a bushel of tomatoes were scraped off the plates before washing.  A bushel of potentially lethal projectiles.

Projectiles in Waiting

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2 Responses to Tomatoes Can Become Projectiles

  1. Suzanne,
    I share your view of those small pesky tomatoes. Cutting them in half in the kitchen would be very beneficial to diners.
    ~Karen Hickman

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