Help Me Pretend I Remember Your Name

At networking events we are bombarded with noise, new faces, old faces, and some vaguely familiar faces, all the while juggling a cup of coffee.  It can be a little distracting.

Most of us need to see a name as well as hear a name during introductions. Hence the name tag. It reinforces the name we’ve just heard.  It also rescues us when we meet someone again and feel we should know their name.

Since the name tag is for the other person (I know who I am), where should we wear it?  Extend your right arm as though you were shaking hands with someone.  As they grasp your hand, where is their natural line of sight?  Yes, along your right arm to your right shoulder.  This is where they should read your name tag – the right shoulder.

Now you remember me! Name tag on the right shoulder.

Originally contributed to The Voice, the magazine of the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce.

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2 Responses to Help Me Pretend I Remember Your Name

  1. Angela Sim says:

    Well, isn’t that interesting. I’ve always worn the name tag on the left side…wonder why? I’ll make sure to put it on the right side the next time the opportunity presents itself! Thanks!

  2. My theory is that it is easier for right-handed people to attach their name tag to their left side. But we wear name tags for other people to read, and that’s easier on the right.
    Glad you picked up a snippet of information. Remember, high on the right too.

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