Amber Does Not Mean Go

As school resumes for another year one of my pet rages (a pet rage is MUCH stronger than a pet peeve) is begging for an ear.

What has happened to our society that amber traffic lights are now ignored?  It is now the norm for cars to cross intersections as the light is turning red.  Amber does not mean “go”.

Is this another example of an ever-increasing “me” societal attitude?  I’ll get through this intersection.  It doesn’t matter if you can’t turn left.

During a recent trip to Australia my husband and I both commented that the drivers were more courteous. More like we used to be.  I wonder what they will be like in a few years if this dangerous trend spreads.

The fear of running the amber light should not be the nasty surprise that the red light camera sends to your mailbox, but the whittling of safety and consideration of others in our communities. Civility.

I’m making a conscious effort to avoid driving through amber lights.  What about you?  Pass it on.

Ready, Set, Stop!

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3 Responses to Amber Does Not Mean Go

  1. karenhickman says:

    In America we call those “yellow” lights, but the meaning is the same. It does not mean “go.”

    • Thanks for your comment Karen. “Yellow” is a common name here too but “amber” is also used. Now I feel compelled to conduct a yellow vs amber survey of my friends! But, as you say, it still does not mean “go”.

  2. I agree Suzanne. Some people tend to think that the yellow light means step on the accelerator and “hurry up” rather than yield. It’s important to remember that it’s a courteous driving gesture to take into consideration that other’s are put in harms way by getting across when the light turns red as you pass under or cut in front of another driver to slide through a yellow light. Good blog.

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