“Is That Your Resume in My Inbox?”

My friend, graphic designer Loreto Cheyne of Lola Design, is my first guest blogger.  Loreto called me the other day with a “Loreto dilemma”.  I suggested she write about the issue in my blog.  I have experienced it and I’m sure some of you have also.  How do you react? We’re looking forward to your comments.

Loreto Cheyne of Lola Design:

“Is That Your Resume in My Inbox?”

Thanks to my friend Suzanne I’ve become much more aware of etiquette rules, being polite, and in general, trying to be civil.

So the past few weeks have been somewhat of a shock as I opened one unwanted email after another. I’ve been getting a flurry of emails from apparent job-seekers. I don’t have a job opening, but I don’t mind if someone sends me a polite email letting me know they’re looking for work.

The problem was the way in which they approached it. The subject lines started innocently enough, something like “Hi there!”. Ok, so the  “hi there” is more than a little casual for someone looking for a job, but still. My surprise is that apparently job seekers no longer have the time to even compose an email. The worst “request” I received was an email reading: “resume attached.” Nothing else. Oh yes, a Google Doc attachment.

My initial reaction was to fire off an email of my own asking “and?” or “so what?” However, I know Suzanne would take me to task. So I deleted them. I guess it really surprises me that in this economic climate someone seeking employment wouldn’t even bother pretending to be polite in asking about job possibilities. What would make someone think that I would be interested in replying to, let alone interviewing, someone who obviously lacks interpersonal skills, not to mention good manners? Sometimes I have to wonder whether we are losing all social graces.

Thank you Loreto.

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