Cocktail Napkin Advice

I hope the title hasn’t misled you.  This is not advice on what to do with a cocktail napkin but rather advice from a cocktail napkin.

I don’t usually use cocktail napkins as my reference for etiquette issues.  There is no denying though, that hidden under humour is often a nugget of truth.

At this time of year many of my etiquette consultant colleagues have posted Office Party Etiquette Tips.  They are all wonderfully written and have great points.  Don’t we all have memories of some former colleague at some job in our past whose behaviour was water cooler talk well into the New Year?

Instead of repeating those Office Party Tips I’m sharing this cocktail napkin that my friend Karen T. sent to me.  It says it all.

True then, true now.

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2 Responses to Cocktail Napkin Advice

  1. Ahh! that sage advice that cocktail napkins offer. Very clever post, Suzanne.

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