Use the Good Dishes

Are you, like so many people, saving the good dishes for a special occasion?  How special is special?

Today is special.  Not because it’s the start of a new year (but that’s an excellent reason) but because you can make it special.  That doesn’t mean a complete menu from Julia Child.  It can be take-out pizza.  It’s still special if you want it to be.

What are you keeping the good dishes for?  Oh no, you inherited them and now you’re keeping them to pass on?

Blow the dust off Grandma’s china and crystal.  Set a beautiful table, even if it is for one.  Aren’t you special? It doesn’t matter if you pour cream soup into the bouillon cup. Just use it.

In 2011 I intend to make every day special. Life is short; too short to save the good dishes.

Enjoy them now!

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5 Responses to Use the Good Dishes

  1. @amwaters says:

    I grew up on a farm and we always ate the hot meal each day together as a family as best as we could. My father insisted that the silver be the everyday cutlery. He said it would keep better. And he said that every day is a ‘special occasion’ day. He drank a lot of coffee and he drank it out of a bone china tea cup. Near the end of the day Mom would go about the property looking for the cups as he was one to walk and drink (coffee that is). Wouldn’t take the saucer with him though. He was good about leaving them high up on top of the fence posts for her to see has she did her walkabout collecting the dishes. I am sure that drove her nuts. He was a pretty classy farmer!

    • What a lovely memory. Thanks for sharing. I have visions of pretty teacups perched on fence posts. Reading your food blog, I’m sure you agree that food tastes better when beautifully presented. Tea/coffee (let’s not mention wine!) from a styrofoam cup just doesn’t cut it.

  2. Don’t forget to light add a candle.

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