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Smooth Skating

This week I retired my 1973 white leather skates.  They didn’t work.  My feet ached and I couldn’t skate well.  Well, that is, the three times a winter I hit the ice. It’s fabulous living in Ottawa.  We have the … Continue reading

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Cell Hell: Victim or Culprit?

We’ve all been to cell hell.  The loud caller across the hotel lobby who insists on everyone hearing every detail of their cell conversation.  The shopper who uses language that makes hair straightening tongs necessary.  The cell talker on public … Continue reading

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Why I’m Saying Good-Bye to Children’s Etiquette

Yes, I’m removing Dos and Oops of Etiquette, my program for children, from my website.  Why?  Parents. I don’t have a magic wand.  The wand I use in these classes isn’t real.  No magic. I tell parents this when they … Continue reading

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Fondue Fun

Fondue?  Did you just flash back to the ‘60’s? When I mention hosting a fondue party to some, I’m told about the wedding gift from 1968 that’s somewhere in the basement under a layer of dust. Fondues have made a … Continue reading

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