Smooth Skating

This week I retired my 1973 white leather skates.  They didn’t work.  My feet ached and I couldn’t skate well.  Well, that is, the three times a winter I hit the ice.

It’s fabulous living in Ottawa.  We have the world’s largest outdoor skating rink. How many cities have road signs like this?

Caution: Skaters crossing!

I could fit skating several times a week into my schedule. If I did, I probably would no longer windmill my arms attempting to remain upright.  I wouldn’t shuffle along being overtaken by five year olds. It just takes commitment and practice.  Yes, that’s all.  Commitment and practice.

It’s the same advice I give participants in my workshops. If one only behaves or eats in a particular manner when on best behaviour or on special occasions, then it will never be natural, comfortable, or second nature.

I went for my first skate on my new 2011 high tech skates today. My feet didn’t ache but I didn’t look like Elizabeth Manley or Michelle Kwan either.  I must make a date with commitment and practice.  Hmmmm….or maybe a sequined outfit.

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2 Responses to Smooth Skating

  1. Angela says:

    Call me when you want to go! We could meet after work with Gail and help you on your committment and practice goal! Besides, we will set a great example…you’ll learn from the experts!

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