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Air Travel Etiquette Tips

Air travel can be tiring and stressful.  A perfect recipe for incivility to brew. Yes, I know that airlines should be enrolling some of their employees in a customer relations course.  In fairness to their stressful job let’s look at … Continue reading

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Do You Know Gracie?

Count to ten. Bite your tongue. Walk away. Turn the other cheek. These are commonly offered as ways to avoid engaging in unwanted confrontation. The other day I watched my brother-in-law avoid a potentially senseless exchange. Afterward he commented that … Continue reading

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I Am Not a Pet Food Company

The toll-free telephone number of The Protocol School of Ottawa is similar to that of a US pet food manufacturer. Transpose the last two digits and you’re talking dog food rather than dining etiquette. I make a point of answering … Continue reading

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Where the Magic IS Real

A few weeks ago I posted on this blog “Why I’m Saying Good-bye to Children’s Etiquette”. Well, I sure hit an etinerve.  I’ve received many comments by email, Twitter, on my blog, and in direct conversations. All have echoed my … Continue reading

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