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Spring. What Does It Mean To You?

For many people January 1st is the time for reflection and new beginnings.  Diets. Vows to exercise more.  Self promises to be better at ________________(fill in the blank). I worked with a man who told me he used his annual … Continue reading

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Ten Easy Steps to Become That Annoying Gym Person

The other day I met my friend for tea immediately after her gym session.  She was fuming.  If ranting could be a form of exercise she’d be an Olympic contender.  Yes, she was that irritated by that annoying gym person.  … Continue reading

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What’s Your Food Hug?

Mashed potatoes?  Macaroni and cheese?  Grilled cheese? Ice cream? Toast cut into soldiers? What’s your comfort food? What do you reach for when you’re suspecting the beginning of an evil cold, feel that the world has ganged up against you, … Continue reading

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Diagnosis: Confusion

I started my professional life in hospitals. I wore a white uniform, white shoes, and lab coat when necessary. White stockings were becoming history along with caps but a professional appearance was mandatory. It was easy to identify roles within … Continue reading

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