May 17

May 17 has been proclaimed Civility Awareness Day in the city of Ottawa.

What does it mean?

ci.vil.i.ty n. polite regard for others

a.ware.ness n.  mindful; conscious

For some, it is a way of life.  No proclamation or special day required. The fact that it has been found necessary to create Civility Awareness Day indicates that it is in need of a boost for many others.

Civility is a choice.  We all make the choice countless times daily.

Civility is a way of life.  It lives in the individual and thereby extends into all areas of their personal and professional life.

If you count yourself as one who has chosen civility then consider Civility Awareness Day as an opportunity to pass along your way of life.  Be genuine, be kind, forgive.  If lived with sincerity, civility is contagious.  Spread it!

p.s. Comments on ways to boost civility received by the end of May 17 will be entered into a draw for a copy of The Power of Civility. See last week’s blog for more details.

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6 Responses to May 17

  1. @amwaters says:

    Something I see commonly in traffic are vehicles wanting to merge into a lane and vehicles already in the lane making it near to impossible to complete the move. I personally prefer to be neighbourly and leave plenty of room to allow them in. A friendly big gesture to invite them in and then give them plenty of room, may have them consider their own etiquette in future too. Better to lead by example, than to ‘try and teach them a lesson’. I hope that patience will pay off.

    • Great comment! Thank you.
      We see so much incivility in driving. Like you, I always think that if I show consideration (let someone into traffic) that they will appreciate it and pass that same consideration onto another driver.

  2. Patricia Scott says:

    Last weekend was Mother’s Day. My family came for a BBQ. While preparing for it I noticed that my yellow tulips were just starting to open. They were the way I love to see tulips. I planned to take a picture of them the next day against the bark of the tree, I thought that would look nice. However, after every one had left I looked out of the window and every tulip head was gone. I love flowers and this upset me.
    Yesterday in church my 4 year old grandson came to me and said….Grandma, I’m sorry I picked your tulips. Then he stood looking up at me. I could have said….I hope you never do that again. But I did not. I said….I forgive you!

  3. Heather Walker says:

    I choose to believe civility is a thread in the tapestry of who you are. Thank you for “weaving” this day into our lives. Kind regards and “hats off to you” from beautiful BC!

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