Screw Heads & Business Etiquette: What’s the Connection?

I arrived home from giving my regular Saturday workshop to find my husband happily replacing a few boards on our deck.  Yes, happily, because, quite simply stated, he enjoys making big pieces of wood into small pieces of wood!

A few minutes later he came inside to ask my opinion on using visible screws on the four new boards or flush, nearly invisible finishing nails like all of the others.  How noticeable would it be?  Of course, to use the original method meant a trip to the hardware store and the project would likely be delayed another day or two.

He asked the question, but already knew the answer. Of course it wouldn’t look right.

I was reminded of the phrase I often use in my business etiquette sessions; If you ever hear yourself asking, “Is this (fill in the blank) appropriate to wear to work?”, then you already know the answer.

We all ask questions to which we already know the answers.  Are we seeking permission to do the opposite?  Do we need someone else to tell us what is best?

I’m happy to report we now have a refurbished deck without a single screw head flashing in the sunlight.

Going to all this effort? Then do it right!


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3 Responses to Screw Heads & Business Etiquette: What’s the Connection?

  1. Angela says:

    I can’t wait to see this wonderfully refurbished deck!!

  2. I love the connection you make between etiquette and an everyday household issue. I have also found myself asking others their opinions in the past – knowing what the response will be beforehand. I think this small aspect of human nature is fascinating and easily applicable to our professional lives!

    While hearing the opinions of friends, family, and coworkers can often be helpful, as professionals we must learn to trust ourselves and go with our instinct! You are absolutely correct – we often ask questions we already know the answer to. We must simply learn to listen to our own inner voices.

    Thank you for this post! It is very enlightening.

    Juanita Ecker

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