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Eternity + Chanel N°5 + Aramis + Obsession = GASP

Scents do not belong in the workplace.  Sense does, but not scents. That includes perfume, cologne, after shave, and fragranced lotions.  A waft of any of these detracts from a professional image.  Do you want to be remembered for the … Continue reading

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Things That Shouldn’t Go Together

As I was attempting to remove the dark chocolate from my white skirt the other day I started to think about other things that shouldn’t go together. Rice and potatoes. Texting and driving. Picnics and ants. Socks and sandals. Conversations … Continue reading

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Gentle Reminders

We all need the occasional gentle reminder. Unfortunately, some need more than the occasional gentle reminder. Gentle reminders are all around us: No shirts, no service. (Not very subtle. Sad that some need to be reminded.) Buckle your seatbelt. It’s … Continue reading

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The Thankful Table

Every summer we have the pleasure of hosting relatives. We brace ourselves for the invasion of three small children but are always sad to see them leave. We eat as many meals as possible outside (I let the chipmunks do … Continue reading

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