Things That Shouldn’t Go Together

As I was attempting to remove the dark chocolate from my white skirt the other day I started to think about other things that shouldn’t go together.

  • Rice and potatoes.
  • Texting and driving.
  • Picnics and ants.
  • Socks and sandals.
  • Conversations and earbuds.
  • Tea and cream.
  • Cell phones and theatre.
  • Vacations and watches.
  • Lawn mowers and bare feet.
  • Handshakes and gloves.
  • Belt and suspenders.
  • Email and anger.
  • White shirt and black bra.
  • Leadership and arrogance.

Some things simply don’t belong together.

Spaghetti and a lunch interview probably shouldn't go together either! Photo by nuchylee

Add to my list. Be creative.

About etiquetteottawa

Founder and Owner of the Protocol School Of Ottawa
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