Eternity + Chanel N°5 + Aramis + Obsession = GASP

Scents do not belong in the workplace.  Sense does, but not scents.

That includes perfume, cologne, after shave, and fragranced lotions.  A waft of any of these detracts from a professional image.  Do you want to be remembered for the way you smell or for what you know and do?

Socially, fragrances should be used with caution and a gentle hand.  A room full of “just a little spritz” can easily be overpowering.

We’re increasingly, as a society, becoming sensitive to scents.  Many offices have posted NO FRAGRANCES PLEASE at reception. We are being asked to respect others. Haven’t we all entered a room or elevator and been overwhelmed by the lingering scent?

This entry is triggered by a Tweet from a woman attending a ballet at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.  I’m sure everyone was dressed nicely for this special occasion. The special outfit is often accompanied by a spritz (or two) of a favourite scent. Multiple one special spritz by several hundred.  Gasp!


Sign in the Ladies Room at the National Arts Centre.

Less scent makes more sense. This is another sign that is used in public places to gently remind people of the power of fragrances. Make sense to you?

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4 Responses to Eternity + Chanel N°5 + Aramis + Obsession = GASP

  1. Patricia Scott says:

    Our church bulletin says……Please be mindful of others when wearing perfume or cologne. Some are very sensitive to scents and so moderation or abstinence is appreciated…..I sure appreciate it as I get an instant headache when I come in contact with perfume.
    Patricia Scott

  2. During my days as a nurse in a physician’s office, I remember having to take a break from working with a patient to get some fresh air due to the amount of perfume the patient was wearing. I am sure she wanted to make sure she smelled good, but a little or none, would have been better.

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