Be Your Own Mojito

After enjoying a cooling Mojito at Le Café at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa a few days ago I decided to try to reproduce it at home.  I spent a delightful weekend afternoon picking mint from the herb garden and smashing the leaves with limes – muddling, measuring, and mixing. I achieved good results but not quite Le Café standard.

My husband nodded to a clump of mint and suggested another attempt.  “Not with that” I said, “It’s chocolate mint.” Light bulb moment. Isn’t everything better with a hint of chocolate?  So, an original chocolate Mojito was eventually the winner.

I’ve known many people who wanted the Farrah, Jennifer Anniston, or Victoria Beckham hairstyle whether their hair wanted it or not.  Determination to wear Kate Middleton style skinny jeans doesn’t work either on some body types. Imitating someone’s style, whether it is clothing, humour, or personality doesn’t work if it isn’t natural. Trying to be or act like someone else can never replace an original you.  Like my Mojito, I found something I liked more than what I was trying to copy.

Be original. Be yourself. Be kind. Be proud.  Be your own Mojito.

It may already exist, but I’m calling this a Suzito.

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2 Responses to Be Your Own Mojito

  1. How about sharing the recipe, Suzanne? It looks delicious and refreshing.

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