Dogs Doing It Right

Several entries ago I wrote about Why I’m Saying Good-Bye to Children’s Etiquette. The reason was simply due to the unreasonable expectations of parents.  Being fair minded (it is civil behavior you know) I followed it with a blog on parents doing it right.

Last week I wrote about a dog that nipped my heels in a mad frenzy as I frantically pedaled past its territory.  Whew, did I receive comments – email, Twitter – all complaining about overfriendly dogs jumping with muddy paws, legs being amorously assaulted, and canine noses poking uninvited.  Once again, being fair minded, I’m following with a blog on pet owners doing it right.

Yes, I do see dog owners stooping and scooping.

Yes, I do meet dogs that wait until I cautiously approach them.

Yes, I do know dogs that bark only when it’s necessary – not at every passing pedestrian.

Yes, I do know dogs that are well trained and are a delight to be around.

This weekend at the Carp Farmers’ Market and Garlic Festival I commented on a dog patiently waiting in line to purchase corn.  His owner, who I really think was buying the corn, overheard me and proudly told me that Oliver is a therapy dog. When I asked Oliver if I could take his picture for this blog post he obligingly sat and gave this heart melting smile. My therapy was complete for the day.

Let me share another adorable fellow with you.  Meet Basil.  He lives in Melbourne, Australia which may account for his laid back attitude.  In my last blog I stated dogs can’t read.  Take a look:

Basil has obviously read Etiquette for Doggies. No excessive barking, no jumping, no begging at the table, no embarrassing leg encounters.  But I’m betting a bucket of dog biscuits it was more likely his owners who read the book.

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