Musings From Under My M&M Bush

Yesterday, as I was picking runner beans in my garden, I dropped an M&M, proving once again, that multi-tasking doesn’t work. The ten second rule applied so I bent down to pick up the little red gem. Seeing it in the earth though got me thinking – what if I left it there and it grew into an M&M bush.  That led to a lot of other what ifs.  What ifs that would make the world a better place.

What if:

  • Everyone acted with civility.
  • Children were safe to play anywhere.
  • Everyone had enough to eat.
  • The Big C only referred to cookies.
  • Technology was easy to use.
  • Broccoli tasted like chocolate.
  • Three inch heels were comfortable to wear.

What are your what ifs?  Share them, whether serious or frivolous, and I’ll give you an M&M seed to start your own M&M what if bush.

Ready to plant!

About etiquetteottawa

Founder and Owner of the Protocol School Of Ottawa
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