Yes I Can!

One of my popular workshops is The Power of Words.  Words are indeed powerful.  Remember the kid in the ___th  grade who made fun of your _____ and called you ______.  Yeah, you know the one.  When I mention this in my workshops I often get a response, through clenched teeth, “___________  ____________, in the __th grade laughed at my _____ and I spent the next ____ years trying to change it.” Words are powerful.

In the seventh grade my art teacher, after a few months of looking at my efforts, said “Suzanne, you’ve got great ideas but you just can’t put them on paper.”  That was eons ago and I can still hear her voice.  I’ve often wondered what lesson in teacher’s college taught to totally extinguish any spark of effort in a child.  Words are powerful.

At a local market recently I was struck by the sculptures at one booth. They were simple, fun, inspiring. I was enamoured.  They had a sign-up sheet. Classes. What fun! Then I heard the voice,” You’ve got great ideas BUT…”. The artist, when I told her I hadn’t any talent, simply said, “Yes you do. I’ll show you.”

This weekend I was part of a small group that gathered at  Mary Lou Devine’s studio to get down and dirty creating Paverpol statues.  Mary Lou’s creations are imaginative. They evoke happiness. My first effort is a long way from her league but she guided me to create this woman, arms raised, titled  Yes I Can.

A great idea and here she is.

Yes I Can is sitting on my desk, erasing the voice.

What are you doing to erase the voice you hear?

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4 Responses to Yes I Can!

  1. Gail Cooke says:

    Wow! Your idea is expressed beautifully and she looks like you. Another fear conquered – I admire you.

  2. Angela Sim says:

    I LOVE her! And she does look like you!!

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