The Power of …

Last week there was an incident that caused me to revert to social media for results.  I thought I would be blogging about The Power of Social Media.  That’s what I thought then.  Here’s my abbreviated story:

  • Wanted to contact a national organization with a concern.
  • Phoned the number provided with their mailed material.
  • Was told I could not speak to the department I requested.
  • Was told I could not leave a message for a return call.

In frustration, I turned to social media. I Tweeted my concerns and what I perceived as unacceptable business practices. Someone picked up my Tweet and commented.  A brief exchange of Tweets between the two of us.  Guess what? Five minutes later I was contacted by the national organization by email and Twitter. A person to talk to at last! Results.

After this flurry of excitement I thought I would be blogging this week about The Power of Social Media.  After a little more thought I came to the same statement I use in my Business Etiquette workshops: Beware of the Power of the Front Desk.

At least 90% of what a first time caller thinks of an organization is based on that first phone call. The power of the front desk. First impressions strike again. You, sitting in your managerial office, may never be aware if a sale/contact has been lost.

  • Anyone can answer a phone. This is a common error. Training is required for telephone duties. Make sure your phone is answered the way you want.
  • The front desk doesn’t need any authority to make

    Who's answering YOUR phone?

    decisions. Another common error.  Not being able (or willing) to respond to basic concerns is a detriment to a business. Afraid of giving power to the front desk?  It already exists, just not in the manner you may be thinking.

So, are you looking at my experience as The Power of Social Media, The Power of the Front Desk, or possibly something else?  Let me know.


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2 Responses to The Power of …

  1. Alessandro says:

    This post is really awesome.
    Many mistakes are made at telephone level. I personally chose companies only for the way they presented themselves on the phone and how good are they in taking care of my call. This post is a strong suggestion for many managers and many companies… I only hope they can read your post Suzanne.
    Anyway I’m impressed by the power od social media I’ll consider this way to solve an issue the next time I’ll can’t do it by phone!

    • Thanks for your comments Alessandro.
      Maybe organizations are starting to realize that their reputation (and therefore business) is in danger with poor telephone behaviour. Also, social media is powerful.
      In fairness, I do Tweet when I receive superb service from a company. I believe in giving credit to those who are also doing a great job of customer service. That too is the power of social media.

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