Little Things

I saw these the other day and just had to buy them for an anticipated baby.

How cute are these?

I was drawn to them because they’re so small, so cute. In my size they’re big ol’ neon gardening shoes. Not cute at all.

We often make aaaahhh sounds at little things; kittens, chicks, buds in spring, dollhouses, almost anything in miniature.

Yes, the little things:

  • A smile
  • A cheery greeting
  • A comforting arm
  • A shared pot of tea
  • An offer to listen
  • A note of thanks
  • A surprise bouquet

The little things are really the big things. Just like the first steps to be made in these little shoes.

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2 Responses to Little Things

  1. A telephone visit with a dear friend.
    It is almost as good as meeting in person.

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