The Easy Way or the Hard Way

This Thanksgiving weekend my husband and I planted 300 daffodil bulbs. Sound like an arduous task? Not when you’re armed with the right tools.

Here we have an auger attached to a power drill.  The typical male will only stop the fun of drilling and spewing dirt to change battery packs.  The Easy Way.

Having the right tool makes it so much easier!

Like planting bulbs, most things have an Easy or Hard approach.

  • Being nice to employees and coworkers gets better results. The Easy way.
  • Finding out and following the dress code for work or an event thereby arriving appropriately dressed.  The Easy way.
  • Resisting change in the workplace and refusing to cooperate. The Hard way.
  • For better employee performance, deciding to give constructive rather than destructive criticism. The Easy way.
  • Learning office policy after making a mistake. The Hard way.
  • Studying cultural differences before travelling to another country. The Easy way.
  • Learning to navigate the table setting at a formal dinner after the embassy dinner. The Hard way.
  • Hoping the driving examiner will accept the self-parallel parking feature of your car during the test.  The Hard way.
  • Wearing the new four inch heels an hour a day for a week before the big, all night event. The Easy way.

The right tools, whether an auger, civil approach, or knowing the rules makes most things easier.

Anything to add to my list?

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2 Responses to The Easy Way or the Hard Way

  1. Karen Hull says:

    Which came first the 300 bulbs or the auger?

    • Well Karen, it started with 100 bulbs and a hand digger. Twenty-five bulbs later it was bent out of shape and the process was far from fun. When the auger was spotted in Lee Valley it quickly joined the home tool collection. The next fall 300 bulbs was easy – and fun. So, another 300 bulbs this fall.

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