An Example of Customer Service

A few weeks ago my husband and I were passing through Belleville, Ontario.  We were hungry and in a hurry.  We decided to stop at a fish and chip restaurant/take-out for quick meal.  Captain George’s (150 Sidney Street) had been recommended to us previously so this was the perfect time to visit the Captain.

The pick-up line for take-out was as long as the number of people seated.  This looked like another recommendation.  We were quickly seated, ordered, and our fish and chips were very quickly in front of us.  Great for a hungry couple on a schedule.

As we were finishing our meal I overheard (hey, he was speaking loudly. I wasn’t eavesdropping!) an elderly customer ask the waitress for “a Kleenex to wipe my eye glasses.” She quickly responded she would get him one.  At the counter I heard her say (I really wasn’t eavesdropping!) to the owner/manager as she reached for the napkin dispenser, “Not sure if this is good for glasses.”  His immediate response, “I have some lens cleaning tissues in the back.”  Within seconds he was offering a lens cleaning cloth to the customer.

This was done with the genuine desire to be helpful, to be kind.  It was not done to secure a bigger tip.  It was customer service at its best.

Is Captain George’s doing it right? Aye, Cap’n, you’re on the right tack.

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2 Responses to An Example of Customer Service

  1. karenhickman says:

    I love this example, Suzanne. Customer service isn’t just about the service, it is about the “experience” and going the extra mile to let the consumer know you genuinely care about them. I’d say Captain George’s will be getting repeat business from these people. It is often the smallest things that tip the scale for all of us.

    • You are so right Karen. It’s about the “experience” and genuinely caring about people.
      We are also very quick to criticize an establishment. I think it’s equally important to spread positive experiences.

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