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“Call Me If You Need Anything”

We’ve all said it.  “Call me if you need anything.”  Most likely it was when a friend was facing a difficult time: grieving, illness, divorce, job loss, or any of the challenges that can overwhelm us. We’ve all said it, … Continue reading

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10 Tips for Considerate Holiday Shopping

It’s that time of year again.  Shopping.  Also,’tis the season to be jolly.  To keep the jolly in shopping here are a few tips.  They are all based on recent observations. If you really dislike shopping, the crowds, the music, … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Just Gotta Be Silly

My parents live in a lovely retirement residence. Recently a nasty bug was doing the rounds, necessitating shutting the doors to visitors and confining residents to their suites. Absolutely necessary measures to contain this bug.  Necessary, but difficult for the … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day: Gratitude

Sometimes a picture says it all…   Thanks Dad. You’ll always be my hero. Click here to read my post last Remembrance Day.  I wear my poppy with pride and gratitude.

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Tips For Gracious Borrowing

“Neither a borrower nor a lender be.” That is according to Shakespeare’s Lord Polonius in Hamlet.  Who am I to contradict Shakespeare? But I think borrowing, if done graciously, can strengthen friendships and lead to willing lending. A few tips … Continue reading

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