Sometimes You Just Gotta Be Silly

My parents live in a lovely retirement residence. Recently a nasty bug was doing the rounds, necessitating shutting the doors to visitors and confining residents to their suites.

Absolutely necessary measures to contain this bug.  Necessary, but difficult for the elderly.  Physical contact with friends and family is crucial to well-being.

What to do?  My husband and I made the usual 2 ½ hour drive to see my folks.  We phoned them from the residence parking lot and told them to look out their window.  What did they see?  Frantic waving followed by the parking lot dance:

Three steps left, kick

Three steps right, kick.

Three steps forward, wave with the right hand, wave with left hand, wave with both.

Turn around and wiggle it all around.


Our cell phone, on the hood of our vehicle, was emanating hoots of laughter. My father, when he could speak without laughing, asked what neighbours would think.  Who cares?

Did we bring a smile to their faces?

Did we show them we care?

Did we have fun?


Sometimes you just gotta be silly.

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4 Responses to Sometimes You Just Gotta Be Silly

  1. Angela says:

    Suzanne – I LOVE this story!! You and Steve are awesome! (and you definitely made me smile)

    Gotta love being silly!

    • Thanks Angela.
      Some people are afraid of what others may think of them if they act silly. Of course, I wouldn’t do the parking lot dance under most circumstances – but this was a special occasion.

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