10 Tips for Considerate Holiday Shopping

It’s that time of year again.  Shopping.  Also,’tis the season to be jolly.  To keep the jolly in shopping here are a few tips.  They are all based on recent observations.

The countdown begins; the tension increases.

  1. If you really dislike shopping, the crowds, the music, then go early. Avoid weekends. You’ll only feel worse, and likely those around will feel your bad mood too, if you join the pushing throngs.
  2. Practice good parking lot etiquette. Spaces are limited. Watch, signal, wait.  Be courteous. Shopping tension starts here.
  3. Unless you have the store to yourself (highly unlikely) abandoning your shopping cart mid aisle to look at something else causes inconvenience to others.  Park it to the side of the aisle. Shopping tension increasing.
  4. Stop to eat or drink. Eating or drinking while in a shop is rude. You ruin it, you buy it.
  5. Stopping a shopping cart beside another means no one else can get through the aisle. More inconvenience.  More shopping tension.
  6. If you change your mind about an item either return it to its proper place or give it to a sales clerk.  Realizing that wheel of brie is too high in calories and dropping it in the sock aisle is inconsiderate.
  7. Cashiers have not taken a holiday pledge to work as slowly as possible. They are doing their best. The check-out lines are long, the children are getting restless, and you realize you should have worn your old, comfy shoes, but, none of that is the fault of the cashier.  A cheerful “hello” and a kind word can make a huge difference in the day of a harried worker. You’ll also feel better for being kind.
  8. Small children have limited shopping endurance. For their sake, yours, and everyone else, don’t push those limits.
  9. Return your shopping cart to the corral. We’ve all experienced the relief of finally finding a parking space only to realize that the previous occupant simply abandoned their shopping cart, blocking the entrance.
  10. Stay hydrated, stay happy.

Here’s hoping you are able to keep the jolly in shopping this season. It starts with each of us.

About etiquetteottawa

Founder and Owner of the Protocol School Of Ottawa
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2 Responses to 10 Tips for Considerate Holiday Shopping

  1. Great tips, Suzanne. Also, put shopping carts in their stall in the parking lots. Don’t leave them in the middle of the parking lot for other’s to drive around.

    • Thank you Karen.
      Some people thrive on the “rush” of holiday shopping. I’ve received an email comment that a friend is almost finished.
      Different approaches to getting that list checked off, but consideration doesn’t alter.

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