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Three Flowers, Three Sisters

Every month for the past three years my sister and I have sent flowers to our elder sister. They brightened the difficult days of her illness.  Very simple, just three flowers. Three flowers for three sisters. On Friday I visited … Continue reading

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Be the One

It’s the holiday season again.  Family gatherings. Family laughs. Family memories. Family arguments? Every year I’m told of family holiday dinners that turn from festive to furious. 1 part travel madness 1 part panic gift purchasing 1 part explaining to … Continue reading

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Keeping It Simple

Is it about serving 15 different hot appetizers or enjoying time with your guests?  Usually, simple is best Please, thank you are simple words. Simple yet very effective. Excuse me  is another simple phrase, as is I’m sorry. Simple yet … Continue reading

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70 Years of Love

This weekend my family came together for a mile stone celebration; the 70th wedding anniversary of my parents. Yes, seven-zero. Their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren all shared in the laughter, tears, love, and cake. When I’ve mentioned 70th to people … Continue reading

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