Be the One

It’s the holiday season again.  Family gatherings. Family laughs. Family memories. Family arguments?

Every year I’m told of family holiday dinners that turn from festive to furious.

1 part travel madness

1 part panic gift purchasing

1 part explaining to the children that Santa WILL find Grandma’s house

1 part stress over rumoured office cut-backs

1 part Aunt Becky

Any of these, and for some, all of these, can dilute the 100 parts of Christmas joy. If your family gatherings have a history of flaming along with the pudding, try to be the one.

Be the one who suggests drawing names instead of buying 35 gifts.

Be the one who suggests a charitable donation instead of gifts.

Be the one who changes the topic when Uncle Fred goes off on his inevitable political rant.

Be the one who sits beside Aunt Becky and keeps the wine top-ups to a sane amount.

Be the one who diffuses simmering disputes before they become full-blown arguments.

Be the one who doesn’t respond when cousin Sal tries to push people’s buttons.

Be the one to remember why you have all gathered.

Be the one to express gratitude for what everyone has.

Be the one.

In desperation, volunteer to sit at the kiddie table.  Guaranteed you’ll have fun.

All set for the family.

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Founder and Owner of the Protocol School Of Ottawa
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4 Responses to Be the One

  1. karenhickman says:

    Such good advice, Suzanne. Here’s to a “peaceful” holiday for everyone.

  2. @amwaters says:

    Merry Christmas Suzanne! I have enjoyed reading your blog this year. I hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends. All the best for 2012.

    • Thank you so much. I always appreciate your comments.
      Must tell you that your blog does draw me into the kitchen and flipping through my cookbooks. You were right about the Maple Spiced Pecans – they didn’t last long!

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