Be Nice to the Gym Newbies

This post was triggered by a comment from a toned, five- year- gym -attending friend. A couple of days into January she commented, ”Parking was awful at the gym today and I had to wait for an elliptical. It’s all those New Year resolution newbies. It’ll be back to normal by the second week in February.  They never last long.”

I’ve already talked about gym etiquette, Ten Easy Steps to Become That Annoying Gym Person . This post is about being nice to the gym newbies.  We’re all good at something (yes, we are!) but had to learn and progress. You may be an excellent driver now, but do you remember your first attempt at parallel parking?

I agree, the gym parking lot seems unusually full this time of year. Good for the new people. They’re making an effort. Try to imagine how uncomfortable some of them may feel. It’s like attempting to parallel park for the first time with an audience of professional racing car drivers.

  • If someone seems unsure about gym protocol, ask if they would like some tips. Be friendly.
  • Imagine the gym newbies feelings as they struggle to replace the weights and you casually pick up ones four times heavier. An encouraging smile is quite different from a superior smile. Be nice.
  • The new gym member is wrapped in a bath sheet, trying to figure out how to maneuver into their undies unseen. Having to witness naked hair drying only adds to their discomfort. Keep naked strolls to a minimum. Be respectful.
  • Let the new gym member know that it wasn’t easy for you when you first started working out. Well, was it?  Be encouraging.

I hope the gym parking lots stay full all year. I hope all the gym newbies become confident and comfortable. You can help: Be friendly. Be nice. Be respectful.  Be encouraging.

Kindness – it’s healthy and beautiful.

Ready. Set. Be kind.

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2 Responses to Be Nice to the Gym Newbies

  1. Angela says:

    I’m not a gym newbie….not even a gym goer, but these tips apply in so many other scenarios!! As always, thanks for the reminders!

    • Absolutely Angela. These apply to anything where someone is encountering a new situation: starting a new job, new to parenting, language classes, joining any activity or club…the list goes on.
      There are some who are so anxious about being new at something that it stops them from even trying. I hope we can all recognize this and, simply by being nice, make it possible for them.
      Bonus: It makes us feel good too!

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