How Badly Do You Want It?

For many years I taught adult learners. Whenever I heard “But I don’t have time to exercise/study/read/bake/…” I would answer, “Then you don’t want it badly enough.”

We make time for what’s truly important to us. It may require giving up something else,  reworking schedules, or getting creative. If attending our child’s soccer game is truly important then we manage to juggle the work assignments, even if it means sacrificing coffee breaks or an hour of sleep.

Wishing for something doesn’t make it happen. We have to make it happen.

I was so impressed with a gentlemen a few weeks ago.  He contacted me for a private dining consultation. He told me he had noticed at a few events that most of the others at his table ate without putting their knife down and seemed so at ease.  He was self-conscious at the dining table with others and envied their ease and self-confidence.  So, he decided to do something about it. That’s how badly he wanted to feel comfortable when dining.

I have long wanted to learn to speak Spanish. Feliz Navidad doesn’t get me very far! My schedule lately hasn’t allowed for lessons so I’ve had to create my own lessons. My home is labeled in Spanish.


Dining Room



The carpet was once labeled, but, in a fit of cleaning enthusiasm, I vacuumed it up!

What do you want to learn or do? How badly do you want it?

The occasional visitor to my home comments on the labels, but most just look and smile. They’re smiling in Spanish, of course.

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4 Responses to How Badly Do You Want It?

  1. karenhickman says:

    How very clever you are, Suzanne. What a great way to learn something new.

  2. This is great advice! I do think too many people out there complain about things they don’t have time to do. If they want to do it bad enough, you make time!I personally have problems with this as well. I also love your approach to learning a new language. Great way to get familiar with words!

    • Thank you for your comments.
      Like you, I suffer from “I don’t have enough time”. And then I meet someone who is accomplishing so much and I realize that it can be done. Yes, sometimes something has to go, but then, I have chosen something that is more important to me.

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