How Things Spread

Last week, taxes having been submitted, it was time to shred files from a few years ago.  When the shredder bin had reached capacity I carefully emptied it into the black recycle box. Returning to my office I noticed a few stray shreds of paper. Two more full bins and that was it for the day.

Returning to my office the next day I was amazed that every corridor, the washroom, the kitchen, and even the entrance had evidence of a shredding marathon.  How could it have spread so far, so fast?  Shredded paper, it seems, spreads just like everything else. That’s the reason I wash my hands as soon as I return home from shopping. Things spread. Positive and negative.

  • Germs spread from mouth to hand to hand to mouth.
  • Flowers multiply and spread.
  • A dropped bottle of maple syrup spreads from one end of the kitchen to the other. Ask me how I know!
  • Pollen spreads in the wind.
  • Gossip spreads from water cooler to water cooler.
  • A true smile spreads from mouth to eyes.
  • A smile spreads from person to person.
  • A friendly gesture (let’s keep them friendly) spreads from person to person.

Now, back to my shredding. I’m imagining every .3 x3cm shred as spreading something positive. How’s that for vacuum avoidance justification?

It’s so easy to spread something. Are you spreading something positive today?

It starts here and spreads.


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