We all get rusty with time.  We all need a tune-up if not vigilant.

  • At one time you knew when to use lay/lie and never said irregardless (even Spellcheck hates this word!)
  • At one time you would never think of driving through a yellow light.
  • At one time you could touch your toes without having to sit down.
  • At one time you knew how to make a proper business introduction.
  • At one time you could play the piano and others actually enjoyed listening.
  • At one time you would never have considered starting to eat before others had been served. (This includes family)
  • At one time you surprised people with hand-written notes and cards.
  • At one time you read novels, not just internet articles.
  • At one time you went for a walk before the rest of the world awoke.
  • At one time the entire family ate dinner together.
  • At one time it was important to make time for friends.

Any of these resonate? Rusty? Need a tune-up? What’s your plan?

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Founder and Owner of the Protocol School Of Ottawa
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2 Responses to Rusty?

  1. Angela Sim says:

    Good morning, Suzanne!

    Love your post…lots of things here for me to work on…(and a couple for my colleagues). Both Sandy and I each work with someone who uses the word “irregardless” on a regular basis….drives us crazy!!

    Now, I can’t take on the whole list at once, but I will work on touching my toes without having to sit down…I’ll slow down at an intersection…after all, what’s the big hurry? And I’m looking forward to early morning kayaking…when the rest of the cottage is sleeping…dreamy…

    Oh…one thing that we always do at our house…we eat dinner together…every night…unless I’m travelling…but it’s one of our consistent practices!

    Have a great day!

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