Ready, Set…

One, two, three…..not yet.

One, two, three…. still not yet.

One, two, three…SPLASH. My head breaks the water, cool water forced into my ears making the world sound garbled. Fabulous. Why had I waited so long? Haul myself out of the pool and do it again. Not the most elegant dive ever executed but for someone who never put her head in the water it was perfection.

It wasn’t just the glorious long weekend that got me thinking of one, two, three… ready, set, go. While preparing dinner Friday evening I was keeping a beady eye on the robin’s nest outside the kitchen window. Only one baby left. The other two had obviously spread their wings earlier in the day.

Hiding between the refrigerator and the counter, feeling like a cross between a sleuth and a voyeur, I watched the lone baby standing in the nest. Every few seconds a cheep emerged from its trembling body. My translation: “OK guys. It’s not funny anymore. Come on back now.”

The only visitor the little one had was Mama. Occasionally she flew in with a morsel of regurgitated worm and a harsh cheep. My translation: “You’re a big bird now. Don’t you want to join your brother and sister? They’re having lots of fun.” No action.

Another ten minutes. I’m still hiding. Baby bird has hopped onto the downspout. Not a smart move. It’s slippery and much harder to grip than the nest. No going back.

Another visit from Mama. A smaller piece of worm. A harsher cheep. My translation: “OK kid. This is your last chance. I’ll leave you here if you don’t fly now. I mean it. I’ll do it.” No action.

Oh wait, a little flutter of wings. False alarm, baby has settled onto the downspout. I chop a few mushrooms and sneak back to my spot. Defiantly sitting. I chop a red pepper and sneak back to my spot. Defiantly sitting. I chop a zucchini and sneak back to my spot. Defiantly sitting.. I chop a tomato and sneak back to my spot.. GONE.

I’m sorry to have missed the first take-off but thrilled that baby found the courage and did it. After the first wobbly flight I’m sure baby was thinking “Why didn’t I do this earlier? This is a blast.”

Have you figured out where this is going? So often we delay trying things we want to do, or, must do. For some of us it may be years before taking the plunge and actually diving into the water. For some, it never happens.

Is there something you really want to do but are reluctant to take the plunge? I’m assuming it isn’t dangerously reckless or just plain stupid. It may be something physical. It may be learning something new. Whatever it is it means pushing yourself.

In a couple of weeks I’ll be standing at the top of a zip line. I’ll try to remember my baby robin.

One, two, three…

Ready, set….

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2 Responses to Ready, Set…

  1. karenhickman says:

    What a lovely post, Suzanne. I am impressed with the zip line. Keep me posted.

    • Thanks Karen, but I’ll only accept your zip line praise when I have actually zipped. I will indeed keep you posted and even hope to impress you with photo evidence!

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