Singing in the Rain

Singing in the Rain

I’ve temporarily put aside my sandals and reached for my socks again.  No, I would never wear them together!  The last few days and the forecast for the next few indicates a necessity for rain boots and umbrellas. Watching some entertaining ducking and weaving on sidewalks yesterday I decided to repost my blog on brolly etiquette.

Posted on June 27, 2011

Spring is officially over but not necessarily the rainy season.

One rainy day last week I Tweeted about umbrella etiquette – something like, ”Be brolly considerate”. A follower jokingly replied I should just wear a rain hat and coat, eliminating any danger of brolly poking.

But I love my brolly.  It cheers me up on a dull, rainy day.  I like to think that anyone walking behind me is cheered up also.

My first umbrella was a gift from a family friend when I was about seven. It was red and had my name written across it. I can’t imagine any parent today having their child’s name broadcast in such a manner, but, way back then things were different.

I progressed to a very sedate, basic black brolly.  Very business-like.  Unfortunately, it only added to the dreariness of the day.  Today, I still favour my strata of the wetlands brolly.

Frogs and lily pads on a rainy day make me smile.

Whatever colour or style of umbrella, the behavior is still the same:

  • Two umbrellas side-by-side require a lot of awareness and consideration of others. Proceed single file when someone is approaching from the other direction.
  • Two umbrellas approaching one another – the tallest raises theirs so the other slips under and past without clashing. Both tilt away from each other, doing the brolly dance.
  • Enormous golf umbrellas are intended for the golf course, not city streets.
  • Shake the rain off your brolly before entering a building, but be aware of others.  Don’t become a “wet-dog” culprit.
  • An umbrella is not a weapon.  Exercise caution on buses and when opening it on the street.
  • As for rain accompanied by high winds, unless you’re Mary Poppins (or wishing to imitate her), ditch the brolly and go with the rain hat – and a hair brush.

Add your rainy day, brolly comments.

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