Childhood Memories and Lessons

Last week my husband and I were enjoying a lovely relaxed lunch on our deck. Dessert was a large bowl of nature’s candy – cherries. Part way through the bowl I found these:


“Earrings!” I excitedly yelled at my husband. Blank stare. “We used to wear these as earrings when I was a kid” I explained, promptly draping it over my ear. The blank stare changed to a look of concern. We were headed out that evening to an event with friends and I’m sure he had visions of me accessorizing with fruit.

I wasn’t thinking of a few hours ahead. I was several decades back. Those cherry earrings had taken me back to some childhood memories:

  • Red Smarties lipstick to go with the cherry earrings.

  • Summer vacation that seemed to go forever.

  • Searching for, and finding, four leaf clovers.

  • Birthday parties, and instruction from my mother “Always take the smallest piece of cake when offered.”

  • Canoeing with my brother-in-law on my tenth birthday. OK, he did most of the work.

  • Chasing fire flies.

  • More instruction. “Use a person’s name when you greet them.”

  • Eating tomatoes straight from the garden, still warm from the sun.

  • Groceries do not bring themselves in from the car. It was better to do it first rather than wait to be told!

  • Looking at my shoes was not the way to talk to others. Look them in the eye and don’t mumble.

  • Running through the sprinkler is not considered a bath. It seems soap is required.

Childhood memories and lessons stay with us. I no longer take great interest in my shoes when meeting new people. I know that summer is actually quite short. Sun-kissed tomatoes still taste divine. As for the cherry earrings, you tell me.

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