Three Weeks For Us, A Way of Life for Many

Here in Ottawa we have had several weeks of oppressive heat and no rain. I know, before you start saying I will be wishing for it in the cold winter, I’m not really complaining.

I can live with a crisp, crunchy lawn, but I was sad for the local farmers. How heart breaking to have to watch crops stunted by lack of rain.

Monday afternoon a thunder storm hit my area. Rain! We were ecstatic. I’m sure noses were pressed to windows all over the city. If there hadn’t been lightening I’m sure there would have been dancing in the streets. Rain!


I said earlier that I wasn’t complaining. No, I was thinking. Thinking that in many areas of the world this is the norm. Waiting for rain. Wondering if this will be the year for a successful crop. Wondering if there will be enough harvest to feed the family. Worrying if there will be enough water for the livestock.

We have had the tiniest taste of how much of the world survives. It was three weeks for us, but a way of life for many. Sobering thought.

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