When Does It Stop Being Cute?

For the second summer we have a fox family leaving on our property. In the spring the pups are such a delight to watch. They’re curious and adventurous.

Two weeks ago we discovered this new development.

Cute! Little fox paw prints.

Fox prints on the hood of our car parked in the driveway. Cute! A great show’n’tell when we had guests to our home.

Then this happened.

Emblem? Where’s the emblem?

Not so cute. The emblem pawed off necessitating a replacement. Is a windshield wiper next?

When do things stop being cute?

  • The two year old with spaghetti sauce around his mouth. Cute! How about four? Fourteen? Twenty-four?

  • The toddler in a tiny, barely there skirt. Cute! How about ten? Eighteen? Thirty-eight?

  • The four year old who “toots” at the table and the family laughs. Cute! How about twelve? Thirty? Fifty?

  • The five year old who asks, “Why are you so wrinkly?” Cute! How about eight? Sixteen? Twenty?

We still enjoy watching the foxes crossing our lawn and scampering over the rocks but the time has come to gently dissuade them from walking over our cars. It’s no longer cute.

At some point things stop being cute.

  1. Recognize it.

  2. Do something about it. It will be even more difficult later.

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