It’s Back to School Time

It’s almost September. It’s almost back to school.

Do you remember the feeling as a student as the return to school approached? Anticipation? Excitement? Anxiety?

For most of my adult life September left me longing to be back in the classroom. There has always been another course, another program, another direction that I’ve wanted to pursue. It wasn’t until I stood at the front of the classroom as an instructor that my September longings disappeared. I was already there. This is where I was meant to be.

Back to those childhood back-to-school emotions. As your child heads out the door with a new back pack, a fistful of markers, and a tablet (my, how times have changed) I hope they also take these guidelines along with them:

  • First impressions are important.

  • Be kind.

  • If you don’t understand, ask. You’re not the only one.

  • Clothes are only the outside of a person. What’s inside?

  • Respect teachers. One of them may make a difference in your life.

  • Yes, math is important. You will use it every day for the rest of your life.

  • Be kind. It’s worth repeating.

Care to share your back-to-school feelings of the past? What would you add to this list?

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3 Responses to It’s Back to School Time

  1. Heather says:

    As a “military brat”, often the first day of school was mid-term, mid-year, mid-country. Transfers seldom took the school year into consideration. Standing at the front of the classroom as the new kid could be paralyzing. All it took was one kind look or an offer to, “sit next to me” to melt the ice. Remembering those heart racing, sweaty hand moments as you stood on display compelled me to adopt an outgoing, welcoming manner which I personify to this day. Yes, Suzanne “be kind” will resonate for years.

    • Heather, I think many people will relate to being the new kid. And yes, all it takes is one person to smile and reach out.
      Even today, as adults, we are often the stranger in a group, maybe a networking group, and that one person can make all the difference.
      Like you, I remember those feelings and hope to make it easier for others.
      Thanks for your touching comments.

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