Finding the Fun

When employees hear that the etiquette lady is coming to talk to their department I know what they’re thinking. It’s all about forks and pinkies. It’s going to be deadly boring and stuffy. Wrong!

I strongly believe in finding the fun in whatever you’re doing. That is, without turning everything into a boisterous party.

We all know of the studies that show the benefits of laughter. Can you imagine a day without laughter?

There are people who make it their mission to bring unexpected smiles to others. This weekend, on a walk in our neighbourhood, a couple invited us to explore the paths near their home and visit the gnomes. Other people were leaving with smiles on their faces. So, off we went. Here’s a sample of what we discovered.

Did you find it amusing? Tacky? Whimsical? Weird?

Did you smile?

It may not be my taste for a backyard retreat but it is bringing smiles to many who follow the trails. It’s a labour of fun, a labour of whimsy. It’s finding the fun every day.


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Founder and Owner of the Protocol School Of Ottawa
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