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My Nine Year Old Guest Blogger Writes

Last week my young neighbours, Caitlin and Will, unexpectedly came over. I intended to blog about the event, but, hearing that Caitlin is a budding writer, I asked her if she would like to guest blog for me. Here is … Continue reading

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I Know You!

A few weeks ago I was sitting in a large medical waiting room. Several specialists share the office so the waiting room is quite large. I was flipping through the magazines waiting for my turn to see the physician. Like … Continue reading

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Some Things Never Go Out of Style

I was watching my great-nephew play the other weekend. He has a box full of battery operated trucks, a DS, and the latest action figures from which to choose. What was he doing? Building airplanes with these: Yes, TinkerToy. Remember … Continue reading

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Join Us For Thanksgiving Dinner

Those were the words of the verbal invitation from your friends. A lot of invitations are extended and received for Thanksgiving. Even though the dining table maybe be groaning under the weight of a variety of dishes it is usually … Continue reading

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What Would Your Billboard Say?

The other day I was driving my usual route and noticed a new billboard being erected. It was in that half and half stage. Half old message and half new. It got me thinking – what would my billboard say … Continue reading

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