Join Us For Thanksgiving Dinner

Those were the words of the verbal invitation from your friends. A lot of invitations are extended and received for Thanksgiving.

Even though the dining table maybe be groaning under the weight of a variety of dishes it is usually a more casual dinner celebration than some other holiday celebrations. As a guest:

  • Ask what you can bring. If the offer of your squash and rhubarb casserole isn’t met with enthusiasm let your host suggest a dish or at least category; appetizers, vegetable, salad, dessert.

  • If you’re not contributing to the table then a small hostess gift would be lovely.

  • Expect children. Expect noise. If this isn’t for you, politely decline the invitation.

  • Help with clean-up. This is usually a family and friends gathering so all pitch in.

  • Praise the cook. Someone put that turkey in the oven at 4 a.m.

Thanksgiving dinner tends to be a relaxed family affair. When inviting family and friends, as host:

  • Mention who will be attending. Some may feel uncomfortable if it’s your extended family and they will be the only “outsider”.

  • Let your guests know that you are also expecting their children. This is family time rather than a formal, adult only dinner.

  • Serve some recognizable old stand-bys as well as the exotic recipe you’ve been itching to try – not only for the children but also that picky big person.

  • If you want others to bring a dish to your dinner, ask them. Don’t be vague. Ask for a specific dish (potatoes, cheese and crackers) or a category (vegetable, gluten-free dessert).

  • Accept help. You’ll enjoy your own dinner even more. As well, we all know that the most fun happens in the kitchen!

As you start your grocery shopping remember to pick up a few extra items for your local food bank or shelter.

The Protocol School of Ottawa wishes you a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.


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2 Responses to Join Us For Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. @amwaters says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Suzanne!

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