I Know You!

A few weeks ago I was sitting in a large medical waiting room. Several specialists share the office so the waiting room is quite large. I was flipping through the magazines waiting for my turn to see the physician. Like most medical offices patients announce themselves to the receptionist and then take a seat.

I mentioned I was flipping through the magazines. Not the sports ones. I draw a blank at anything sports related. Why am I sharing this fascinating fact with you? To let you know that when a man entered the waiting room and proceeded to the reception desk even I knew who he was. – a very well known sports celebrity.

What did I do? Continued to flip through the magazines.

What did a few others do? ā€œI know you! You’re…ā€

The man was very gracious and answered their questions while waiting to see his specialist. Someone even asked him why he was there.

I was taken back to my days as an X-Ray Technologist. I worked in a centre that was used by insurance companies, therefore many celebrities had appointments for routine x-rays for insurance reasons. It would have been so inappropriate and unprofessional to ask for an autograph from a celebrity clutching their flapping hospital gown. They were treated like any other patient.

I felt uncomfortable for the sports celebrity at my last appointment. He was gracious but should have been allowed to sit and flip through the magazines like the rest of us. There is often a look of. I know that you know that I know who you are, but please, leave famous people alone. Especially at something as private and personal as a medical appointment.

I’m not really here.

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10 Responses to I Know You!

  1. Angela says:

    Wow…I can’t believe the audacity of people to even ask what that person was there for…you’re kidding, right?? amazing….

    Oh…and to the guy holding the astronomy mag upside down…”I know you…you’re…!” LOL

    • Unfortunately I think people will continue to amaze us as to how insensitive some come be. The majority of the people in the waiting room did continue to flip through the magazines.
      As for the picture, I think he needed a hat for a complete disguise!
      Thanks for your comments Angela.

  2. karenhickman says:

    Suzanne, I couldn’t agree more. Not only would I not ask a celebrity why they were seeing the physician; I wouldn’t ask anyone else in the waiting room why they were seeing the physician.

  3. Ron Scott says:

    Sometimes you have to look at astronomy magazines upside down….I’ll bet THAT Guy knows what he.s doing! Or, perhaps he IS
    a CELEBRITY who knows what he’s doing. Either way, he does look a bit familiar…..Hmmm, wonder if I should ask for his autograph? AND, what’s he doing there?

  4. I’ve been to places where such people have been – at restaurants where hockey stars are having a quiet dinner with a spouse; at Chapters where a former Prime Minister was shopping for books, at Worship services with several hockey players are present; at Tim Hortons where our Mayor sat reading the newspaper over coffee. In all cases, I felt that they deserved privacy in these settings. To do otherwise both reduces their ability to feel normal (likely not common in their daily lives) and lowers one’s own social level in the setting. My take is that in each of these settings, we all of us should enjoy the same social boundaries, respect, and the small degree of privacy possible in such public venues.

    Having said that, it was kind of fun to smile, nod, and hold the door for Joe Clark as he left with his books šŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much for your comments Gary. Well stated!
      You and I live in the capital of our country and do see well-known people frequently. As you probably gathered from this post I wouldn’t know if I was sitting next to a sports star! But, like you, I have seen former prime ministers and cabinet ministers in coffee shops. Let them enjoy their beverage as we are enjoying ours.

  5. Perfectly stated, Suzanne. I found myself in the company of a Hollywood star last Saturday. .

    I glanced his way, projected (in my mind) that he was a personal acquaintance, gave him a boisterous, “Hey,how are you?”. Graciously he reciprocated, “Uhhh, fine”. My husband later commented on his movie star role and did I realize that when I enthusiastically greeted him? “Duhh, no.”

    Our paths recrossed throughout the evening, he flocked by many admirers; each time he acknowledged me with a smile that said, “thanks for JUST saying hello.”

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