My Nine Year Old Guest Blogger Writes

Last week my young neighbours, Caitlin and Will, unexpectedly came over. I intended to blog about the event, but, hearing that Caitlin is a budding writer, I asked her if she would like to guest blog for me.

Here is the blog, exactly as sent to me, from my nine year old neighbour and friend:

On October 24th, when my brother and I got off the school bus, we decided to help Stephen and Suzanne rake their yard.  I don’t know what made us want to do it.  It might have been the fact that we were so full of energy. It might also have been that we wanted to do something nice for Stephen and Suzanne.

We went inside and asked mum if we could go over and help rake leaves.  We walked over and asked if we could help.  Suzanne said “OF COURSE!!”  So, we went over to the side path and we cleared the little walk that was there.  There were alot of leaves!!!   The amount that they had on their walk was about the amount that we would get from our front lawn!!

We raked the them all up into a pile (I jumped in them a few times) Then Stephen came over with his miniscule wheelbarrow – miniscule compared to the leaves we had to put in it – and we put about 5 armfuls in the little wheelbarrow.   Who knew a little wheelbarrow could hold that much!  After we had finished raking the leaves we went and jumped into their colossal leaf pile.   It felt good because we knew that we had helped someone and we had done a good deed.  And I liked dumping Will in the leaves.   My favourite part was when mum asked Will if he would then be helping her rake the leaves at our house.  He said “Nah, just the neighbours”  That made everyone laugh.

                               The End

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2 Responses to My Nine Year Old Guest Blogger Writes

  1. Ron Scott says:

    Pretty Cute and honest.


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