Great Customer Service

A holiday ago my husband and I were fortunate enough to being enjoying the warmth and hospitality of Hawaii. We had commented many times on the courteous and friendly manner of the people.

After a strenuous morning of playing tourist we popped into the world famous Ala Moana Shopping Center. We plopped into chairs at the Aroma Caffé for a restorative latté, some people watching, and a change of shoes.

Head down checking my messages (never know when there will be an etiquette emergency) my husband commented that I shouldn’t leave my drink too long, that it wasn’t overly hot. OK. Sip and reply to my messages.

Moments later along came the Managing Owner, Randal Abrams. He was table hopping asking for comments on the quality and service of Aroma Caffé. “Everything’s fine.” we responded. My husband casually commented that the drinks could have been a bit hotter. Whew! Randal was off to the counter and returned with piping hot replacements. “Oh, that wasn’t a complaint” my husband said, “It was just an observation.”

The response from Randal Abrams? “That doesn’t matter. It wasn’t right. It has to be right. When you come back in six months we’ll remember how you like it and it will be right.” Whew again!

I came away with two remembrances from this encounter:

  1. Great customer service is possible. It’s caring about your product and reputation. It’s loving your work and wanting it to be superb.

  2. In six months I’m going back to Hawaii?

I hope you get the opportunity to visit Hawaii. You’ll surely drop into the Al Moana Center. Be sure to stop by Aroma Caffé for a break. Say Aloha to Randal Abrams. You can be sure your beverage will be perfect.IMG_1694a_1

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2 Responses to Great Customer Service

  1. karenhickman says:

    Suzanne, I love this post. What an impact something so simple can make.

    • Thanks Karen. I so agree.
      At first we were slightly uncomfortable – it wasn’t meant as a complaint. We soon realized that it was very important to the manager that his product be “right”.
      As you say, a small thing but a huge impact.

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