Politeness Starts Early

Here’s what I’m giving the toddler on my Christmas list:

   Polite Bear

A month or so ago when I saw him I gave him this book:

Polite Penquin

Are you spotting a trend here?

The next time I see him I intend to give him this:

Polite Mouse

And then this:

Polite Hippo

Yes, a definite trend.

Children are cute.

Polite children are mega cute.

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Founder and Owner of the Protocol School Of Ottawa
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6 Responses to Politeness Starts Early

  1. Dear Santa,
    I think there are some adults that could use copies of these books. Please add them to your list – you know who they are.
    Merry Christmas, Heather

  2. Ah, finally! A women after my own heart. I write about how adults can remember these childhood lessons and put them into practice as adults. Thanks for reminding us to start young! Now I am longing for a toddler – the books are super cute!

  3. Dawn says:

    The penguin is very popular in our house. With the terrible two’s in full swing, I’m really looking forward to that sorry mouse! 🙂

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