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Lessons From the Birds

Last week I Tweeted about a bidding war between a robin (there has to be a joke in there somewhere) and a little grey bird over this: It’s a birdhouse for a robin that my father-in-law built for us. It … Continue reading

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Spring. What Does It Mean To You?

Spring has finally arrived I am distracted by daffodil shoots outside my office window. For some reason I feel if I stare at them, count them, encourage them, they will bloom faster. It couldn’t possibly be that I’m avoiding other … Continue reading

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Thoughts In the Grocery Store

Today I went grocery shopping. It’s routine, nothing special. With my shopping cart half full, and feeling quite proud of myself that I had resisted chocolate covered anything, I was suddenly struck by an overwhelming feeling – a feeling of … Continue reading

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Get Out of the Kitchen

Love to entertain? Do you serve your guests five different hot appetizers? Do you mix exotic drinks, rimming the glasses with your special blend? Do you add a swirl of mystery ingredient at the last moment before serving the piping … Continue reading

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Table For One, Please

Many people cringe when they must respond, “One” to the “How many in your party?” question from the restaurant greeter? Many avoid the cringe by ordering room service or grabbing take-out. Dining alone in a restaurant isn’t the first choice … Continue reading

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