Thoughts In the Grocery Store

Today I went grocery shopping. It’s routine, nothing special.

With my shopping cart half full, and feeling quite proud of myself that I had resisted chocolate covered anything, I was suddenly struck by an overwhelming feeling – a feeling of gratitude.

Gratitude because I knew that, within reason, I could buy anything I wanted. I had a confusing variety of products before me and I could purchase any of them. You and I are some of the fortunate ones in the world who can easily take our good fortune for granted.

I feel gratitude to my parents who brought us to a country of opportunity and abundance.

I feel gratitude for being given a love of books which made education a desirable pursuit.

I feel gratitude for all the opportunities I’ve been given.

I feel gratitude for being loved.

I feel gratitude for being able to speak freely.IMG_0734ucas_1

I feel gratitude for being able to buy more food than I need.

Who would have thought that grocery shopping could be such a humbling experience?

What is on your gratitude list? Please share with us.

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2 Responses to Thoughts In the Grocery Store

  1. Heather Walker says:

    Last week, lottery tickets were on our grocery list – not a consumable commodity but oh-la-la didn’t we have fun dreaming about how we would divvy up our win. Family, friends and charity topped our list. They still do, but without $55 million dollars to share—just groceries.

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