Spring. What Does It Mean To You?

Spring has finally arrived I am distracted by daffodil shoots outside my office window. For some reason I feel if I stare at them, count them, encourage them, they will bloom faster. It couldn’t possibly be that I’m avoiding other tasks.!

Spring is a time when many people create new plans and start new projects.

Here’s a previous Spring blog post.

Tell us what spring means to you.

March 28, 2011

For many people January 1st is the time for reflection and new beginnings.  Diets. Vows to exercise more.  Self promises to be better at ________________(fill in the blank).

I worked with a man who told me he used his annual summer vacation as his time for reflection, planning, and promises of self improvement.

For me, it’s spring.  The world around me is new.  New buds, new shoots, new baby birds, and new energy.  I WILL walk every day.  I WILL eat more kale.  I WILL make those follow-up calls.  I WILL finish War and Peace.

Desire to be or do anything can begin at any time. It doesn’t require a special designation on the calendar. Exercise programs don’t have to begin on a Monday or January 1st.

Want to learn a new language?  Start now.

Want to eat healthier?  Start now.

Want to write that book? Start now.

Want to become a kinder person?  Start now.

Ready.Set. Plant. The plan to eat more kale.

Share what spring means to you. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Share your goals.  You know that unless it’s written it’s only a dream.

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2 Responses to Spring. What Does It Mean To You?

  1. virtuallybehindthescenes says:

    Ahh, Spring and the fever it brings! I do believe my fingers itch and my back aches to play in the dirt; string clothes up on the line and wash winter from the car. Today I shall sit on the deck, soak up the warmth, hear the music and smell the fragrance of Spring.

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